1. Enjoy Your Day
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Enjoy Your Day

Verse 1

Sorrow and trouble in this life
Can depress a happy soul
Wonderin if things will turn out right
Can steal the joy that you’ve known
The time has come for God’s children
To leave tomorrow’s cares behind
Believe the Lord when He told us,
“You can take it one day at a time!”


Enjoy Your Day
It’s the day God made you
On your way to that heavenly place
Enjoy your Day
And don’t let satan
Try to take your victory away
No guarantee that tomorrow is comin’
So don’t worry ‘bout the trouble you’ll face
This is the day God made
Enjoy Your Day!

Verse 2

So many people around us
Are bound by grief and woe
Living a life so anxious
Worried what tomorrow will hold
They miss the joy and the pleasure
Meant for us to see
When we count each day as a treasure
We’ll live life differently.